Joe Homs Investor

Joe is a full time real estate professional with over forty years of experience, buying and selling real estate for himself and his clients. Joe is a self described “work-a-holic” and a very skillful negotiator that will work diligently to help you realize the best possible price when buying or selling your home.  He holds a degree in business administration  and prides himself on being a very honest and ethical person. He is the type of agent that will always help you make informed decisions about purchasing or selling your home.

He has an exclusive home acquisition system that will assist you in finding the right home!  Joe has access to homes no other realtor will show you. These can include pocket listing, foreclosures, land contracts, and others.

He has an exclusive buyer delivery system, called “selling your home in any market!”  It includes, internet advertising, newspaper advertising, direct mail advertising, and onsite advertising.  His exclusive program is designed to sell your home for top dollar in any market.

Joes’ expertise includes his “exclusive investor purchase & sales system.”  He can teach you how to flip homes, buy & hold, acquire properties in a land trusts and equity share.  All this information is available to you at no charge!  If you like what you hear, please call him and setup your free consultation at 949-625-4533.

Here is a link to  MY eBook that I wrote about how I got started and what types of Real Estate might interest you. It's dated but you can see how far the market has recovered since I wrote it.

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