Know Your Options for Aging in Place Safely and Happily

Accepting the fact that you’re getting older and will need to start making some changes can be emotionally trying. What most of us want more than anything is to live independently for as long as possible, which leads many seniors to choose to age in place. If this is how you envision spending your senior … Continued

4 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Falling at Home

Photo by Pixabay Did you know that every year one in three seniors will visit the emergency department due to an injury from a slip or fall? While this might not seem like the most concerning health issue people 65 and older have to deal with, it’s important to be prepared. Falls are the leading … Continued

Downsizing for Retirement: Tips for Seniors Moving to a Smaller Home

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash Retirement is the perfect time to downsize your home. During this special time in your life, you don’t want a lot of stuff and responsibilities weighing you down. A smaller home means less maintenance — you don’t have to clean, repair, and keep up with as much square footage. Furthermore, a smaller home means smaller bills, … Continued